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I ordered a case for a Droid 2 phone from on December 16.It was shipped on December 19.

The tracking from the website said it would be delivered on December 26. Super, a little late for Christmas but not horrible. Today is January 12 and still no phone cover! When I wrote them last week about it they responded with a generic, "estimated delivery time frame is 7-10 buisness days...

as long as 15 buisness days..." They even told me how to track my package. Really? I obviously knew how to track my package when I told you ( that it was scheduled to be delivered on December 26! I know I can't blame it all but I'm sure I am not the only one to complain about their shipping methods.

It was shipped via UPS MAIL Innovations. That means that UPS pick the package up at the company processes it then gives it to USPS to deliver. Its a PHONE COVER for crying out loud! It probably only weighs a couple ounces and will fit in a small envelope!

Put 3 stamps on it drop it in the blue mailbox at the corner and I would have received it within 5 days!

Of course not!Let's make people pay $3.00 for shipping for Ups to pick it up give it to USPS and have it delivered in about a month and then when the customer complains about how long it is taking we will send them an automated messgae on things they already know!

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I would blame the UPS Mail Innovations.Everytime I see them as the carrier, I cringe and *** my nails and hope it actually arrives.

I had a book that was seemingly lost because of them. UPS said it was Post USPS's fault, and vice versa, so no one took responsibility. Fortunately, the company mailed out a new book (without using UPSMI) at no expense to me. Funny thing: the original book showed up two weeks later.

Fortunately, there was a return label, so I returned it. Basically got the book free. But it's hard to get a Christmas present when it doesn't show up in time for Christmas. I try to avoid UPSMI if I can help it.

I know how fast fedex, UPS, and USPS deliver, but that horrible UPSMI just gets under my skin. I'm currently waiting for something (and wasn't send tracking info so I emailed the company and got it). Said it was supposed to be delivered yesterday (MLK day), so today would make logical sense. The email from the company says tomorrow.

Fingers crossed!Wish UPSMI would go away!


Living this today.Same problems.

I order, they ship through UPS to local mail distribution center and the skin is never seen again.

After I get done telling the world I can reach about it, I'll bind my time NEVER doing business with them again. It's only 20 bucks yeah, but it's a lousy business practice they need to change.

I'm tired of businesses not caring.My wallet just closed.

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